Class: Studio 3

Assigned to design a multi use apartment complex along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, PA. This project included apartment units, parking garage, cafe, recreation space, and a grocery store.

The main objective of this design was to create a space that would be open to the public as much as the residents of the building. I did this by creating a gradual accent from the street level to the top of the plinth level. This path from the street to the top of the plinth connected the cafe and grocery a and provided an open green space for the community to utilize.

This project was Designed in Revit

Class: Studio 3

Assigned to design a home within the confines of a limestone ruin to better understand the relationship of the designed landscape and architecture that we as Architects design.

The main directive with my design was the integration of Design, Function, and Sustainability. This integration is best found with the implementation of the raingardens I have incorporated into the site. These rain gardens serve as storm water management, roof drainage, and make up the main landscape features.

This project was Hand Drafted