Class: Studio 2- Drexel Student Housing

 Assigned to design student housing on 33rd St and Race St on a site with multiple contextual elements around the site. My initial intention was to explore solutions to the unhealthy habits that college students fall into. Such as abnormal sleep patterns which is combated by designing rooms with natural sunlight encouraging a normal sleep pattern. On the exterior the intention was to create an outdoor space for students to relax and gather while integrating with the existing public areas around the site. The terraced landscaping allows for places for students to sit either on the grass or retaining walls. This public space is continued into the lobby with a open floor plan and public amenities such as a cafe and game room. 

Drawn in 3D Auto Cad (Building), Revit (Site) 

Class: Studio 2- Calder Cafe

This project is located at Logan's Square in front of the of the Franklin Institute on Philadelphia's parkway. The project was to design a cafe that honored the Calder family a Grandfather, Father, and Son who have all influenced Philadelphia with their art and sculpture. Alexander Mills Calder (Grandfather) created the sculptors that are in City Hall his work is represented by half court yard plan of the Cafe. Alexander Sterling Calder designed the Logan Square fountain who statuary represent the three rivers surrounding the Philadelphia area represented by the inlay of the rivers surrounding the Cafe. Then Sandy Calder has done many sculptural steel pieces and mobiles that have been featured in the Philadelphia Art Museum he is represented by the design on the windows of the cafe.

Drawn in AutoCad then rendered in Photoshop. 


Class: Studio 2- Lancaster Walk

Lancaster Walk is one of the main walk ways through Drexel University's campus where students meet and lounge on the grass. We were assigned to redesign the area to allow for a more gather space for students. By adding a artificial stream to the site I created areas that can act as gathering point at the beginning, middle, and end. Starting at a pond at the top of the grade and ending in a waterfall each with places for students to sit. The steam also produces background noise to drown out the surround sounds of the city.

This project was drawn in Auto Cad and rendered in Photoshop